The milestone art project; Singapore, Mangalore, Bangalore
An ongoing collaboration where our facebook landmarks are archived as original artwork on the page. When the page hit two thousand ‘likes’, Sumaya Mahadevan from Singapore produced a beautifully structured vector illustration with fluid lines and motifs for the 2k artwork. A few months later, Samhitha Somayaji from Mangalore designed a photo-graphic collage and a monochrome piece to symbolise our next landmark; the 3333(th) ‘like’. With a sense of being nocturnal the pieces also have a touch of noir, reminiscent of an optical illusion.

The autopilot journey (2004 - 2013); Bangalore, Kent (UK) & Mumbai
To celebrate autopilot’s invisible birthday (the 29th of February) we compiled a short video running through the journey of autopilot from its launch in 2004 up until 2013. The 80 seconds clip will give you a glimpse of our key events over the years. Peek into the guerrilla street stencil campaign, the evolution of our mascot the Sonic Sadhu, the best of our displayed photography and graphic art, unreleased projects, the launch of the Spoilt Ideas studio, propaganda instruction artwork, our vintage websites, promo campaigns and more.

Be Vigilant…be open to everything including desktop notifications and never forget to hit save every minute.

Patient and Beauty by NewWebPick

Studio opening promo & Midnight set teaser; Bangalore
In November 2010, autopilot opened a studio space called Spoilt Ideas. The road map to the studio was complex and needed to be shown in our stationery and on the website. Around the same time we wrapped up an elaborate electronica mix, which happens to be the main course for autopilot’s next venture. The promo is a combination of the two thoughts of visual (Spoilt Ideas) and sound (autopilot). Apart from the route map, the clip also contains fascinating visual elements like the retro compass with its almost capricious motifs.

In the same way that MTV created space for music videos, what we need is an establishment in the gig sector that promotes visual jockeys as artists with creative license.

Watch the good word by Amrita Gupta


Killing the Stereotype II; Bangalore
The Second part of ‘Killing the Stereotype’ incidentally fell on the same day as the first. Themed around the 1980s electronic scene and post-modernism, ‘Revenge of the Sonic Sadhus’ was a comeback gig aimed at exhibiting a collective art experience through the eyes of a visual disc jockey, a light artiste, photographers and a sound artiste. The artists involved in this episode were Peter Rajesh Joachim (VDJ), Sam Mohan, Neha Bajaj and Jui Patravali on the photo sets, Pritham Kumar (lights) and Kashyap Murali on the sound sets.

Its objective is to view and conceptualise art in striking new perspectives.

Entertainment on autopilot - Deccan Herald

Killing the Stereotype II (Sonic Sadhu rampage); Mumbai & Bangalore
Starring as autopilot’s sonic sadhus; Aditya Gurudev and Hari Adivarekar twitched, jumped and gibbered this and that while spray-painting the autopilot logo on the walls and roads of Bangalore city. Their madness was documented in a film by Sam Mohan and Aloke Shetty with the help of Kalpana Kumar. The skit was coordinated and organised by Ridhi D’Cruz and Kashyap Murali in Mumbai, and Johana Barretto in Bangalore. The on-ground guerrilla promotions were supported by this 20 second edited footage and became one of the two pre-event video promos made for the gig.

Killing the Stereotype II (Website promo); Mumbai

A miniature (sonic) sadhu emerges from a flying saucer, greets the viewer in a high-pitched voice, gets startled as he sees the autopilot logo (no one knows why), then talks backwards, shoots a laser beam at the logo and disappears in his wavering manner! The autopilot logo then breaks into a dance of beautiful glows and glitches. ‘Revenge of the Sonic Sadhus’ was to smash out of our 50’s/60’s themed website to a newer, 80’s styled electronic version. The video was also one of the two promotions created for the comeback gig.

Re-launch through Instructional art (Web); Kent (UK)
The all new autopilot website’s intro animation was largely inspired by the music Kashyap was listening to during his research study in the UK. It was also stimulated by kitsch, the avant-garde and surrealism to take a dig at consumerism. The illustrative instruction style covers sub-themes of war/propaganda, cultural (instructions), domestic appliances and silly Victorian inventions. Before the beat-synced animation, the video takes you through some of the best press reviews autopilot gigs received; from 2004 to 2005.

Re-launch through Instructional art (Print); Kent (UK)
Influenced by kitsch, avant-garde and surrealism, this print project took a dig at consumerism. Concealed in the illustrative-instruction style, is a missive to the viewer on the inner workings of a brand. The style of narration wittily delves into sub-themes of ‘war/propaganda’, the homogeneity created by cultural processes, product documentation of ‘domestic appliances’, and ‘silly Victorian inventions’. The drawn material was the basis for the animated video promo, the theme for the autopilot website circa 2006.

Unreleased Projects; Kent (UK) to Bangalore
1: To initiate a certain kind of design dialogue, the first artwork was politically conscious in nature. The screen print on art paper was ideated and worked on in Maidstone, Kent.
2: This is an illustration of a ‘trip’ experienced by the figurehead of autopilot; that we translated onto a tee.
3: An ambitious event on a scale that has never been thought of. We hope that we can pull this off one day. Curious? Use the ‘speak to a human’ link and mail us.

Graphics that were extremely colourful, to the point of stinging one’s eyes with neon hues. But who wants pastels anyway? The psychedelic pictures represented every Asian flavour one could think of, and they were fluid.

Asian flavours in auto mode by Namrata Iyengar - Metro Life

Killing the stereotype; Bangalore
Designers and illustrators, George Supreeth, Chandra Shekar, Ashwin Mohan and Kashyap Murali collaborated on this event to promote contemporary graphic art. Presented in the form of an interactive dance exhibition, the event took place at Athena, at the Leela Palace Hotel. A total of fifty digital art pieces were tailor made for the event and projected on a large screen. The visuals were projected while Kashyap live-mixed and played an electronica set. This marked autopilot’s last gig before Kashyap’s UK expedition.

Fotophunk; Bangalore
Fotophunk was a Levi’s® and autopilot brand collaboration and was Kashyap Murali’s first solo photography exhibition. The show aimed at promoting both, the new Levi’s® icon store ‘Rivet’ and autopilot. With eight exclusive ‘Rivet’ stores around the world, the ninth claimed to be the most radical, located at the Leela Galleria, Bangalore. Taking from common or mundane experiences, the compositions contained two or more images juxtaposed to create new meaning. The exhibition was the first for autopilot where music was not the dominant element. 

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